INSA Lyon is a very large and unique research center which joins education activities, research laboratories, and socioeconomic partners.

The INSA Lyon scientists contribute to overcome daily the essential societal challenges by combining excellence in research in engineering sciences, as well as at the interfaces between disciplines from the development of innovative and multi-disciplinary approaches.

4 laboratories:

  • DISP - Decision and Information Sciences for Production Systems: research deals with the design and application of decision-making methods and information systems in order to improve the performance of systems producing goods and services, networked companies and global supply chains.
  • AMPERE: Electrical, Automation, Genomics and Environmental Microbiology Engineering Lab ;
  • LAMCOS: Contact Mechanics and Structures Lab - research focuses on the prediction and analysis of performance and integrity of mechanical and live systems under static, cyclic, dynamic or extreme conditions from the component or component to the complete system.
  • LIRIS - Laboratory of Images and Information Systems Information Technology: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition; Geometry and modelling; Data Science; Services Distributed Systems and Security, Simulation, virtuality and computational sciences; Interactions and cognition.

The links between the department and these research laboratories make it possible to propose to industrialists answers adapted to their needs:

  • Research project within the framework of a partnership agreement;
  • Research project within the framework of a CIFRE convention;
  • Collaborative multi-partner research project (FUI, ANR, CEE, ..);
  • Industrial Chair in the context of a sponsorship agreement with the INSA Foundation.