Industrial Internship

Period: mid-April to end of August (minimum 18 weeks)

The student engineer perfects mastery of tools to which s/he was made sensitized. S/he discovers new techniques focused on production management, industrial computing and management methods that s/he learns to place in a transversal vision of the company.

Objectives: The industrial internship is an opportunity to live an industrial experience similar to that which the engineer exercises in his future job. This internship involves not only a technical and operational work, but also the possibility to observe the functioning of the company with its history, its activities, its stakes, its organization, its internal social dynamics,...


  • Sociotechnical functioning of organizations.


  • Observe and analyze the strategy of an entity;
  • Oral and written communication;
  • Analyze a situation.

Compétences acquises

  • Développer les capacités d’observation et d’analyse stratégique d’une organisation
  • Intégrer les aspects techniques et socio-économiques d’un projet ou d’un processus (de production, de gestion,…)
  • Améliorer les capacités de communication et d’analyse de situation, par une identification précise de l’environnement professionnel, par la multiplication des contacts et relations de travail dans l’entreprise,
  • Prendre conscience, par une réflexion sur la pratique, des divers aspects de la future mission d’ingénieur, notamment humains, sociaux et relationnels.