The Department

The Department

The students come either from the bachelors’ level at INSA or from preparatory classes in prestigious third-level institutions, university institutes of technology and university scientific programs.
Thanks to a solid methodological and technical foundation, students develop an array of fully exploitable skills that respond to employers’ demands. With a generalist approach to training, the department facilitates their entry into professional life and the best career advancement possible, in France and abroad.
Each year more than 85 students receive a Master’s degree after having completed 3 years’ studies in the department.

Industrial engineers trained by the department are able to practice a variety of careers in virtually all economic sectors. The training prepares them for this as it develops the necessary competences, allied with strong relational skills.
The department aims to make its aspiring engineers aware of the context in which they will intervene.
The diversity of professional sectors and the globalization of the economy lead us to consider and draw from experiences gained in companies and in foreign countries as priority goals.


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Industrial Engineering