International Outook

An engineer is expected to evolve in multicultural teams, to understand the geopolitical issues, to integrate socio-economic issues in a context of globalization.
Student mobility is a response to these challenges and, as such, INSA Lyon makes the international mobility of engineering students a strategic focus in the engineering curriculum.
The Industrial Engineering Department is internationally oriented. Openness to other cultures and mastery of foreign languages have a strong place.
Many opportunities are offered to students to live rich experiences:

  • Stay in an English-speaking country for 3rd year students (recommended);
  • Year or semester in exchange in a foreign university;
  • Industrial internship or End of Studies Project in a foreign company;
  • Reception of many foreign exchange students;
  • Participation in ESTIEM (European Student of Industrial Engineering and Management).

The Industrial Engineering Department is also welcoming exchange students (about 50 students).

As part of exchange agreements, the Industrial Engineering Department offers more than twenty agreements in Europe, America (North, Central and South), and Asia.

Students may be eligible for a one-semester academic exchange abroad during the 4th year (semester 1) or 5th year (semester 1).

At the end of the 4th year, students can also apply for an academic stay abroad to obtain a Double Diploma.

Many foreign companies also offer internships.

Concerning foreign students, they can register for an academic semester (totaling 30 ECTS), 2 semesters (academic and internship or end-of-studies project - 60 ECTS) or 3 semesters (2 diplomas or double degrees - 180 ECTS).

Their integration is done on one of the 3 years. Some courses are open in English as well as in partnership with the Economics Management School of IAE Lyon.

A Summer School (intensive French course) in August is offered to foreign students.