The Department


The department aims to make its aspiring engineers aware of the context in which they will intervene.

The pedagogy of the department is interactive, efficient and oriented towards professional situations.
It is based on real cases proposed by partner companies, serious games, collaborative learning environments and reference tools and software packages.

  • SAP R3 as ERP: production management courses;
  • MS Project: project management;
  • ARIS: business process modeling;
  • Incoplan: scheduling;
  • Global Screen Intra: Manufacturing Execution System (MES);
  • Rapidminer: Business Intelligence software;
  • Minitab: advanced statistics calculations;
  • Carl Source: Computer Aided Maintenance Management Software;
  • Flexsim: flow simulation;
  • Solidedge: Computer Aided Design;
  • Ilog Cplex: mathematical solver used to illustrate modules that deal with mathematical modeling, optimization.