Duration: 5 months, over 3000 hours / group
10 to 12 projects are offered each year by project owners.

Each project is led by a group of about 8 students accompanied by 3 tutors: technical, management and educational.

  • Tools and methods: project management, system engineering, quality management, communication.


  • Implement management tools;
  • Learning to collectively lead a real life project: collective organization of the group, communication, animation, coordination;  
  • Apply rigorously a structured, coherent and relevant approach to designing an industrial solution by integrating performance factors: Risks + Costs + Quality + Usage;
  • Collecting, extracting, structuring and analyzing information;  
  • Evaluate one's strengths and limitations, negotiate, be a force of proposition;  
  • Analyze in a global, systemic approach a company, an organization, a project, a problem.

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