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Collective project

Each project is conducted by a group of 8 to 10 students using all the technical resources of the department and its management. Over 6 months, the project corresponds to an investment of about 3000 hours per team. The main pedagogical objectives are:

  • To learn how to conduct a project: to study a market, to analyze terms and conditions, to negotiate, to manage resources, to plan, to specify prototypes, to control quality....and to defend the project in front of a jury,

  • To learn how to conduct a real project as a team: group organization, communication, and coordination. This training is guided by sociologists playing the part of group regulators (1 per group of 8 students),

  • To learn how to collect, extract, structure and formalize knowledge on computer-integrated manufacturing,

  • To develop creativity,

  • To approach a manufacturing company from all aspects (history, range, organization, strategy, implementation, process, branches),

  • To reinforce the partnership between IE and its industrial partners by studying and producing products corresponding to real needs expressed by the industrial world,

  • To control and to develop the use of new technologies, to design products (applied domain) in a training or communication context.

  • The team project is validated by two oral presentations: the first one relates to terms and conditions and takes place in January and the second one, at the end of the project. This last presentation is preceded by the client’s reception of the final product.


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Responsable des Projets Collectifs
Laurent Piétrac
Tel. 04 72 43 88 05
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