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A priority

The international dimension has been one of the INSA Lyon's priorities since the very beginning.
This priority has continually driven INSA's internationalisation, to the point that, today, it reaches out to all continents.
The engineers of today, and even more so those of tomorrow, must be internationally-oriented; proficient in languages and negotiation, and comfortable working in multicultural teams to manage innovative technological projects in an evolving and complex geopolitical and social environment.
The international policy has 2 main focuses: reinforcing the quality of mobility and favouring strategic national and international alliances.

The most international engineering school in France

INSA Lyon is internationally renowned and has over 30% of international students representing more than 100 nationalities, making it the most international engineering school in France and one of the leaders in Europe. 75% of students do an exchange or internship abroad during their studies.

A network of partners of excellence

230 partner universities, 6 representative offices and a liaison office ensure worldwide coverage as well as high quality mobility programmes for students and professor-researchers, with a view to creating systematic synergy between training and research.

Major innovative and structuring projects

In China, the CEFCEET, "Franco-Chinese Centre for Energy and the Environment" at Tsinghua or the SPE-T "Special Program in Engineering-Telecommunications" at the University of Shanghai Jiatong are perfect examples, combining training, research and innovation.
INSA Lyon is also involved in the transfer of engineering within the framework of the PFIEV in Vietnam or Mexico through the export of its "entrepreneur" programme, or for example in Morocco through its Mechanical Engineering programme.
Finally, the recent creation of three LIAs (Laboratoire International Associé [International Associated Laboratory]), in Quebec, Japan and Brazil emphasises the development of high-level research based on networking and a long term vision. Other ambitious projects are in the pipeline or in progress.

The DRI: International Relations Department

The DRI is first and foremost a functional department that defines the international policy. The department employs 14 people who work in close conjunction with the engineering departments and the directors in charge of geographical zones.
Thus, the DRI is a genuine multicultural, multilingual and professional hub that ensures the implementation of international projects for the departments and laboratories



International relations team in IE

Right to left : Lorraine TRILLING, Eric NIEL, Olivier DA ROSA

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Secrétariat Génie Industriel

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  • M. Eric NIEL 

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  • Mlle Lorraine TRILLING

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  • M. Olivier Da Rosa 

Studies secretary

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